Srishti Nagpal


Srishti Nagpal

We often hear about the importance of mental health in contention with physical health. However, maintaining good mental health and practicing healthy mental habits require persistence, hard work and consistent efforts. Counselling provides space for this and is led by self-love and compassion. It aims towards the improvement of your well-being while I act as the facilitator in this process.

It can be hard to work through certain life events and resolve some emotionally turbulent experiences. We often attempt to overcome these challenges in isolation which makes it even harder to endure. By creating a warm, safe and judgement-free environment, I work towards building a trusting relationship with clients while employing a person-centered, humanistic approach. This support enables the client to embark on their journey of self-reflection while gaining a deeper understanding of their emotions. We will collaboratively innovate ways of managing the current concerns and employing techniques to overcome them. My approach involves integrating techniques from different modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy to help the client patiently unearth the complexities of their past experiences and tendencies while understanding it’s impact on the present.

Being a woman and a person of color, helps me understand other’s experiences with empathy and compassion. I use a trauma-informed, queer affirmative lens to counseling while being inclusive of all identities and emphasizing multiculturalism. My focus is on providing care but also challenging the client to grow and reach their highest potential. My commitment and dedication towards the counseling relationship and the client is paramount and I aim to develop a therapeutic alliance with transparency and honesty.

I am currently in the final year of the M.A. in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness Program at New York University. I am also working towards receiving an advanced certificate in LGBT Health, Education and Social Services from NYU which is complimentary to my degree and practice.


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