Shealagh Weber


Everyone experiences, overwhelming stress, disturbing emotions and behaviors and of course conflict in their relationships. Therapy provides a safe space to address these concerns and look for ways to explore the nature and origin of these issues and find a way to help you understand and make changes.

Compassionate, caring, sensitive, inquisitive and empathetic listening is key to helping you find the answers to navigate through this path. Shealagh believes that every client has the ability and knowledge to find their own answers and existing strengths, that will allow them to improve how they feel about themselves, how they feel in their relationships as well in their wider social life and at work.

She received undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology from Oxford University in the UK and further training in therapy and counselling in New York at Columbia and Long Island University. Currently she is a clinical resident at the Soho Center on her path towards qualifying for her license in mental health counseling.

She has extensive experience in helping her clients of all ages work through issues of anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Having worked for many years with children and families in crisis, she would also be available to work with couples and families experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Also she can help with parenting issues and particularly would work with pregnant or adoptive families, new parents and families struggling with children with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

She has also worked extensively in hospital and medical settings and would be available to do grief and bereavement work for anyone dealing with current illness themselves or in their family, as well as anyone struggling with the traumatic experience of loss and death.

The therapeutic rapport built by careful and empathetic listening will allow you to build a relationship with your counselor and create a safe place that will allow for a change in areas that are holding you back and acceptance of who you are. Her orientation is psychodynamic, and she will also use elements from CBT and Person- Centered approaches.

Ultimately, she is a positive and optimistic person, who believes with the right support and the willingness to put in the hard work a more balanced and satisfying life can be achieved and she would like to help you find your place of acceptance- who you are- and comfort, success and positivity at whatever stage in life. At the Soho Center there is a whole team behind each therapist, so you are getting the benefit of a whole team supporting the person you are working with on your journey.


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