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Anger is a normal human emotion. However, when you have out-of-control anger issues that lead to destructive or abusive behaviors, you should get help and learn how to control your responses to your emotions. Anthony Freire, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, Kelley Hershman, LMHC, Kate Engstrom, LCSW, and their team at the Soho Center For Mental Health Counseling in Greenwich Village of New York City offer customized anger management programs to help you learn strategies to keep anger at bay. Call the practice or schedule an appointment online today.

Anger Management Q & A


What is anger management?

Anger is a powerful emotion that ranges in severity from mild annoyance through intense fury. It’s also a perfectly normal and acceptable human emotion. Aggression is a natural way to express anger and can help you to fight or defend yourself.

However, if you are overwhelmed by anger and unable to control the way you express your anger, you may have a problem. It’s not helpful or safe to aggressively lash out every time you get mad about something.

Anger management is a specific type of therapy that teaches you to control and express your feelings. You can learn and practice the differences between being assertive and aggressive. And you can learn techniques to stop your anger from overwhelming you and how to redirect those emotions and energy toward healthy, constructive behaviors.

What causes anger issues?

If your anger is disrupting your life, it could stem from a perceived loss of power. You may feel powerless in anything ranging from pride and justice to money or even love.

Anger is a powerful emotion, and you may feel stronger and safer expressing your anger rather than the fear or sadness that could accompany and feed into your anger.

What should I expect from anger management?

Working with a therapist who specializes in anger management can help you learn to control your emotions, stopping your anger before it becomes an unstoppable force. Then you can learn to convert or redirect your feelings instead of acting out aggressively.

That’s not to say that you should stop feeling angry. The point of anger management therapy is to help you recognize your anger and express it appropriately.

During your sessions, you and your therapist explore situations and other anger triggers and discuss strategies and techniques to acknowledge your emotions and control the way you express them.

You may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Both CBT and DBT teach you to control your behaviors with different techniques for dealing with painful or intrusive thoughts and challenging situations.

If your anger is getting the best of you and your personal and professional relationships are suffering, schedule an appointment today by calling the Soho Center For Mental Health Counseling & Clinical Supervision or booking online.