Rustum Ibrahim, MHC-LP


There are things in our lives that we have control over and other things in our lives that we do not control. Therapy offers the opportunity for us to change and find ways to cope with the things we cannot control. My approach in therapy is to do my best to understand who you are as an individual and help you recognize that you are the expert of your life. I will provide insight and structure to your feelings and experiences to help identify how you want to grow and we can collaboratively move toward that goal. My therapeutic process starts with a person-centered approach to build comfort and openness and integrates techniques and theories from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and other approaches. 

I have training and experience with working with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures and understand the importance of not having your experiences feel dismissed. Whether your presenting concern is related to depression, anxiety, phobias, body image, relationship issues, trauma, or everyday stressors, we can work to identify the source of those feelings and create a plan for growth. 

I completed my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at The City College of New York. I also have a master’s degree in Psychology in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BS in Applied Psychology from New York University. I have worked with the Administration for Children’s Services and helped children, adolescents, and adults from many backgrounds navigate crisis situations, abuse, and family issues. I have also worked at a college counseling center, in individual and group formats, to help people navigate various life adjustments, balancing expectations, and struggles with identity. 


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