Maria Angela Rodriguez, MHC-LP


I believe that true change comes from exploring our unconscious parts, delving into what we don't know or are unaware of. My aspiration is to help you achieve true and lasting transformation—in emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Central to my approach is recognizing your existing strengths (we all have them!) while exploring your beliefs, desires, and motivations that shape your identity and experiences. As a Latina, my commitment involves embracing an integrative multicultural perspective to support you effectively. By combining psychoanalytic, existential, cognitive-behavioral, and somatic approaches, I tailor the therapeutic process to your unique needs. Employing diverse and personalized integrative methodologies, I aim to grasp your essence and facilitate your self-discovery. My areas of expertise include helping people experiencing anxiety disorders, mood concerns, obsessionally, relationship conflicts, trauma, life transitions, and challenges tied to self-identity.

Our journey begins by nurturing self-awareness, uncovering the depths of your unique story, and fostering a space for exploration and reflection. Drawing from my background in music, philosophy, and writing, I employ creative insights that inspire profound shifts at your core. My goal is for you to attain a greater sense of meaning, connection, and authenticity in your life.

I obtained my Master's degree from New York University and my Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami. I have extensive experience in psychological and clinical research, which has enabled me to work with a diverse population in Miami and NYC. In addition to my clinical work, I worked as a college consultant, developing a pathway to success to help students envision a brighter future and grow personally, academically, and professionally. I am a supporter and advocate for BIPOC, sex-positive, LGBTQIA+, and marginalized communities. Additionally, I have a strong connection with artists and creatives, assisting them in navigating the challenges that come with both their artistic endeavors and everyday life.


The Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling
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New York City, NY 10012
Phone: 917-382-8075

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