Heather Hamilton


I work to develop a custom holistic experience to address the unique needs and experience of each client. It is my desire to create a safe and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds. I embrace a person-centered, strengths-based, social justice and trauma informed approach to psychotherapy. Therefore, I draw from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic methodologies including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based practices, and relational theory. I believe that building a strong, healthy therapeutic alliance, based on trust and mutual respect, is fundamental to getting the most out of therapy.

I completed a master’s degree in Counseling in Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. In addition, I have a B.A. of Theatrical Arts from UCLA in California. Many years of experience as a business owner and working in the producing and management side of theatrical entertainment give me added insight into the challenges facing creative professionals.

I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, sex-positive, inclusive of all identities and enjoy working with clients in every life stage. My professional and personal experiences allow me to have deep empathy for those who are facing major life challenges such as a divorce, career change, chronic health issues or loss.

Perhaps you, like so many of us, are encountering parenting and relationship issues while searching for meaning and purpose in the face of current and historical societal adversity. These struggles often manifest themselves through anxiety, depression, somatic pain, elevated health concerns and feelings of fear, anger, and frustration. There is hope for positive change. I look forward to collaborating with you on your journey toward growth and feeling better.


The Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling
159 Bleecker St, 2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10012
Phone: 917-382-8075

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