Allegra Negro


My approach to therapy is trauma-informed and strengths based, with an awareness of systems of oppression that many of us are unfortunately forced to navigate. My approach differs depending on my client and what their specific needs and wants are. My main goal as your therapist is to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where we can process your experiences with mental health and/or trauma. I will provide you with the resources necessary to begin and/or continue your healing journey. Your safety and wellness are of vital importance to me, and I will collaborate with you to tailor the experience to meet your needs. I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College, where I learned extensively about childhood development, childhood and adult-onset trauma, and substance use disorders. I worked with children at the early childhood center at Sarah Lawrence, but my most important learning experience came from a combined poetry course with Bedford Hills Women’s Facility, where I made lasting connections and learned of the lack of proper mental health care within the prison industrial complex. I am currently completing a Masters in Mental Health Wellness and Counseling with an LGBTQ+ certificate through the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University. I have experience working with adults with depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, trauma, and self-harm, as well as LGBTQ+ adults like myself. Seeking resources is not always accessible or easy, but I appreciate you doing the work and showing up when you can, and I look forward to making this a safe and helpful experience for you.



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