Sharon Jung , MHC-LP


Like any good story has a beginning, middle, and a “to be continued,” our story flows to hold a past, here-and-now, and something to look forward to. As your therapist, my sessions are driven by my curiosity to hear and understand your unique story in which you are the narrator and main character. My approach is to meet you where you are and follow your lead since, within your story, you are the expert. However, life sometimes throws us some curveballs that make us feel like we no longer have control over our stories.

As you and I enter into this new therapeutic relationship, we can start from the foundation of trust and build upwards. My aim is for you to reclaim your confidence, power, and hope. Through the confidence to explore our stories from various dimensions of identity and culture, we can realize our power over our decisions and have hope that makes us excited to set and execute goals for the future. My person-centered, psychodynamic, and narrative approach starts with providing you a safe and emboldening space to take risks, reflect, reality test, grow, and flourish. Our therapeutic alliance will be an essential instrument for insight and change within this space, primarily due to its authentic, sometimes challenging, but always sincere and non-judgmental base.

Therapy is a commitment that requires time and effort, but you are not alone. Through a supportive and collaborative process, we can look forward to how your story can continue from this point onwards. You’ve already taken the first step here, and I look forward to joining you for your next!

*Sharon is bilingual in Korean and English; thus, clients who wish/need therapy in Korean are welcome!.



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