Jessica Munoz


Straight forward and matter of fact is my approach. I also love humor where appropriate. My therapy style tends to draw from the psychodynamic approach, narrative therapy, and various forms of CBT.

A decade in bedside nursing strengthened my belief in the collaborative wellness approach, over the medical model where the client is provider dependent. My beliefs are represented by my actions working and living in the communities of West Harlem and Washington Heights. Here I built strong family ties with the Dominican community, despite being born and raised in Scotland. Most recently I worked in the neurological pediatric ICU. Working with children is an absolute passion of mine. I pride myself on being able to include any child or adult at any developmental level, into any activity. I am DIR-floortime certified (Dr Stanley Greenspan’s learning through relationships) and have over a decade of experience working with children with neurodevelopmental diagnoses. I have also worked in the float pool and emergency department at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital/ NYP Columbia Medical Center.

My most recent work in a pediatric-adult hybrid covid ICU strengthened research interests in burnout. My leading research interest is ending gender violence, again fueled by clinical work in the emergency department as well as work with domestic and sexual violence survivors. 

I believe in rolling your sleeves up and getting the work done, and I expect this equally of myself and clients.

I am currently undertaking a second training in transcendental meditation (TM) at the David Lynch center New York, as well as a yoga for trauma certification. I love yoga and running outside. I believe in being outside in nature as much as possible. My dream is to operate a retreat in beautiful upstate New York.



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