Aria Xiao, LMHC


Hi and nice to meet you! I am a devoted and passionate mental health clinician. My approach includes active and empathetic listening and understanding where you are at, and challenging you in an honest, direct, and non-judgmental manner. I practice with earnest and genuine care. Therapy sessions with me are collaborative, flexible, and creative. I will hold the space for your stories and emotions, and I am also active in the room, ready to offer insights and feedback. I also encourage you to design your own paths of growth. Therapy is a process of exploring our internal world and understanding how we interact with the external world. In this process, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to facilitate your learning about who you are authentically, and to make connections between presenting issues and the roots. You and I will build a unique therapeutic relationship. The relationship will serve as the foundation of the process of working hard and confronting difficult memories and emotions.

I am a queer, international, and Millennial therapist. I can provide a genuine environment of understanding and a unique lens of insight. I am also a Mandarin speaker and I can provide psychotherapy in Mandarin, English or in both for bilingual clients. I work primarily with adults- individuals of LGBTQ and individuals with international backgrounds. My specialties include depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, insecurity, relationship & family conflict, grief and loss, rejection, perfectionism, disordered eating, obsession compulsions, feelings of inadequacy, stigma, prejudice, and marginalization.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, and my Master of Art in Mental Health Counseling from New York University. My past experiences in research on culture and parenting, and clinical work with psychoeducation groups both continue to benefit my current work with my clients.


The Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling
159 Bleecker St, 2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10012
Phone: 917-382-8075

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