Sarah Kencel, LMSW



I hold the profound belief that every individual has an innate and distinct purpose in life, and psychotherapy is an important step to cultivating self-worth and discovering one’s path, especially in a city of 8 million. I also believe that therapy should be personable, contemporary and impactful.

I work to help identify and embrace your version of living your best life possible. For individuals seeking help in managing interpersonal relationships, distress tolerance, career ambitions, development of identity, emotional regulation, or physical perception, we will consider all environmental and biological factors that may be affecting a client and their ability to find happiness. Whether you are seeking therapy for challenges pertaining to your work/life balance, dating, anxiety, depression, stress, career burnout, planning, or a number of significant life transitions- we will take an integrative approach to consider the whole person in treatment.

My work as a clinician is goal-oriented in setting the stepping-stones of realistic, tangible goals. I take a growth-oriented perspective that incorporates the bigger picture- sessions begin with meeting you where you are at.

I have an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and an MSW from New York University. I completed my field placements at Lenox Hill Hospital’s Outpatient Mental Health Center and Hospital for Special Surgery, and most recently worked at Silver Hill Hospital in a DBT-focused transitional living program. I have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) through the Beck Institute, in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) with Behavioral Tech, and in Motivational Interviewing from The Kripalu Institute. We will use these modalities as skill building and communication platforms in individual or couples work.

Whatever may have led you here, I welcome you with compassion and unconditional acceptance. I look forward to collaboratively working together, supporting and empowering you as we may define, navigate and embrace your journey.

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