Maryam Saleem, MHC-LP


I strongly believe that therapy should be an illuminating and collaborative, non-judgmental, and empathetic approach. By providing a safe space, it allows you to be able to process what you are going through, process emotions, and to help uncover your resiliency and strength and also teach tools to enhance your coping skills and to be able to reconnect with yourself. Having a strong client and therapist relationship is important for the therapeutic process. I believe that no one should have to deal with what they are going through on their own. I am dedicated to helping my clients improve their overall quality of life.

I utilize an integrative and holistic approach, keeping in mind that no two individual is the same, and treatments are modified according to your unique needs and what will benefit you the most. I have worked in New York, Boston and the United Arab Emirates, with populations from various diverse backgrounds. Having worked in different settings has given me the opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of presenting problems such as anxiety, trauma, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, immigration and multi cultural issues and a strong advocate for social justice.

I earned my undergraduate B.Sc. in Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, where I started training in applied behavior analysis as a teachers assistant at a school for students with developmental disabilities such as Autism. I then completed my M.A in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness from New York University. As part of my graduate fieldwork training, I completed a year long internship at Fordham University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, where I provided short term psychodynamic individual counseling sessions. 

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