Chandler Belfort, MHC-LP


I believe therapy is a path to self-discovery and a resource that supports self-growth and well-being. As a therapist, I would like to exist as that resource for my clients by helping them develop new insights and tools that facilitate their capacity to experience greater fulfillment, authentic self-expression, and healthy connection. I strive to do so by honoring each of us as a unique combination of biology and experience which gives rise to distinct needs and feelings. Therefore, I meet each client where they are in the current moment with curiosity and compassion.

My approach is rooted in a person-centered structure that values the meaning each client makes of their personal experience. My integrative approach is also trauma-informed and specifically consists of psychodynamic, multicultural, internal family systems, cognitive-behavioral, and psychosomatic techniques. My hope is that together, my clients and I can explore the unique challenges they are currently facing and collaborate to customize an approach that serves them
in reaching where they would like to go.

I completed my Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. Before pursuing my Master's at NYU, I worked at several non-profits whose aim was to empower marginalized groups, such as victims of relationship abuse and children whose parents or relatives were incarcerated. I also worked in several research labs dedicated to developing innovative treatment interventions for individuals suffering from substance use disorders. My education and work experience significantly shaped my approach to counseling and solidified my belief in the importance of providing holistic, culturally competent counseling services that take into account the biological, relational, systemic, social, cultural, emotional, physiological, and spiritual components of my clients’ health and wellbeing.

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