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The idea of mental health and mental health treatment continues to be taboo in society. Individuals are often afraid, nervous, or have a fear of being judged for going to therapy. With this knowledge, Sable incorporates normalization and bringing awareness to mental health issues. Focusing on person-centered, narrative, and family therapy, Sable provides a comfortable, non-judgmental, and empathetic environment that allows clients to be vulnerable while working towards wellness.

Sable Tempest Sweeper obtained her bachelors’ degree from Georgetown University, where she double majored in Sociology and English and minored in Inter-Arts. Following her undergraduate career, Sweeper worked in the foster care system as a Home-Finding Development Specialist and trainer, where she collaborated casework, mental health, and with medical staff to identify stable homes for children in care based on their strengths, needs, behaviors, and diagnosis. As a curator of writing, Sable has served as an editor for and published articles with Bleu Magazine, VIBE vixen, Beauty World Middle East, and Hype Hair.

Sable Tempest Sweeper is currently a candidate for a Master’s in Mental Health and Wellness from New York University, provides mentorship for first year graduate students, and continues to publish articles based on mental health wellness.

“I strongly believe that one cannot live up to their full potential if they are not mentally healthy.” - Sweeper


To book an appointment with Sable Sweeper, please schedule under Anthony Freire, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC's calendar.

* Please note that we will try our best to accommodate any therapist requests, in the event that we are unable to do so please know that all staff have extensive clinical training.

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