Nikhil Vinodh, MHC-LP


Nikhil believes that we are meaning-making individuals who need to find meaning in certain aspects of our existence in order to keep persevering- whether in our personal endeavours, our work, our relationships, or our systems of beliefs. More often than not, we are prevented from finding true personal meaning. Either because we find ourselves in oppressive situations that minimize our ability to find meaning, or because culture and society have provided us with false meanings that we no longer feel fulfilled by. This lack of meaning may manifest as feelings of incompleteness, inadequacy, despair, or disconnectedness, which eventually become triggers for our anxiety and depression. 

Nikhil approaches therapy through psychodynamic, existential, and spiritual perspectives which acknowledge that individuals are far too complex to fit within the worldview of a particular theoretical orientation. It is his hope to help clients realize their authentic selves by providing them with a space where they can be honest, vulnerable, curious, and introspective.

Nikhil works with a range of clients across age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. He specializes in working with issues of emerging adulthood that call into question how we experience and reconcile various, disparate aspects of our identities. These issues may pertain to, but are not limited to, self-esteem, personal philosophy, loneliness, traditional and non-traditional relationships, life and career transitions, political ethics and morality, and religious/spiritual belief systems.

"I sincerely wish there was a formula, a technique, or a trick for determining the outcome of therapy. It would make the uncertainty of it all much more bearable. But maybe we need this uncertainty that inevitably seeps into the process of therapy. Maybe the uncertainty lets us know that there is no end point that we need to strive towards. Maybe it prevents us from setting a finality or a limit to what we think we need, want, or deserve. Maybe it makes space for us to constantly evolve. Or maybe it simply makes space for us to be. My hope is for us to navigate this uncertainty and whatever it brings with it, together."

Nikhil holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University.


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