Martha Corcoran


Martha Corcoran

Therapy is a creative, collaborative process—and sometimes the most overwhelming step can be the first one: Finding a therapist that feels like a good fit for you.

I aim to create a safe warm environment for you to come and unpack the content of your life—your past, your current struggles, and your thoughts about how to design the future you want for yourself. With the freedom to speak candidly about issues that are causing you distress comes the power to start making change. Whether you’re struggling with issues related to anxiety, depression, grief, shame, relationships, parenting, life or work transitions, I look forward to helping you during this process. I use a combination of person-centered and psychodynamic therapeutic techniques to help clients build awareness of their interpersonal patterns, thoughts and behaviors, tap into strengths and identify new ways to approach communication, relationships, life and work.

I’m currently completing a Master’s degree in Counseling in Mental Health and Wellness at New York University, where I also assist with a research project focused on transgender youth vulnerability. In addition, I have a Master’s degree in Journalism with a specialty in photojournalism from Boston University, and a B.A. Honors in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Queen’s University in Canada.

After collaborating with creative clients in the media and publishing industries for over 15 years, I have a deep comfort working with professionals who are employed in demanding, high-stress environments. I endeavor to create a safe welcoming space for people from all backgrounds. Members of the LGBT+ community, people with disabilities, and marginalized populations all highly encouraged to get in touch.

I look forward to working with you!

To book an appointment with Martha Corcoran, please schedule under Anthony Freire, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC's calendar.

* Please note that we will try our best to accommodate any therapist requests, in the event that we are unable to do so please know that all staff have extensive clinical training.

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