Chelsea Dimond


It is my wholehearted belief that there is no problem too grand that cannot be overcome. No matter how overwhelming or debilitating a hardship may seem, we hold incredible strength within us – and it is in the moments we feel most vulnerable that our strength shows its extraordinary power to help us persevere. I hope to create a warm and safe space in which we can work to build a trusting relationship and work as a team to channel your strength and overcome your challenges. I strive to create an atmosphere in which you will feel accepted, understood, and empowered. I believe every person is unique, and in turn, requires an individualized approach. Because of this, I draw from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and exposure-response prevention. Additionally, I utilize trauma-informed care as well as person-centered approaches with all of my clients. Together we will find a style that works for you.

I am a second-year student at Long Island University – Brooklyn earning my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Previously, I earned a BA and MA in Psychology from Hartwick College and Long Island University – Brooklyn. I have experience working as a peer counselor at a residential mental health facility, running support groups for adolescents suffering from Tourette Syndrome, and volunteering on a crisis hotline. I have professional memberships to the American Counseling Association, International OCD Foundation, and Christian Association of Psychological Studies. I am passionate about building relationships that ensure a person never has to suffer alone. I am a proud LGBTQ+ Ally and enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds and identities.

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